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Why Paradigm?

We are an agile advisory firm invested in creating measurable impact for middle-market businesses. We embrace challenges. Where others see problems, we see opportunities waiting to be realized. If you enjoy the adrenaline of a fast-pace and thrive on the pressure of tackling complexity, you will realize your highest potential at Paradigm.


Successful delivery of complex engagements requires experience. We are driven to continually push ourselves to turn difficult situations into opportunity.

Our delivery model leverages consultants with a minimum of seven years and an average of over twenty years of experience. We are intentional about this balance of expertise because we don’t think our clients should pay us to train inexperienced professionals. Our clients engage us to provide solutions that are vetted through experience that can only be gained with time in the field and confidence in challenging the status quo.


In a fast-paced world of change, we need to be both nimble and precise at the same time. To be successful at Paradigm means being able to see the big picture while focusing on the problem at hand – and pivoting to adjust as needed.

We are built to serve client situations that can often times require initial team deployment measured in hours or days versus weeks. Additionally, the nature of our client work often shifts rapidly and we consistently strive to address evolving needs requiring tight timelines.  We expect our employees to share the ability to be dynamic as we view it as a key differentiator in the market.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As an entrepreneurial firm, we avoid the red tape and at times debilitating internal compliance issues encountered at larger firms.  We are 100% focused on serving clients, reacting quickly to client needs without decision making layers and leveraging creativity to address client considerations.

Like many of our clients, Paradigm is a growing organization that is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients by bringing flexibility and creative ideas to overcome issues.

Advisory Orientation

Paradigm is not an audit firm. Our only focus is on providing advisory consulting services. All of our consultants are transaction specialists accustomed to the dynamic nature of engagements in complex environments.  We hire professionals with the capability to bring solutions to complex, event-driven change environments.

We thrive in environments of change and are adept at reigning in chaos to find solutions.

Working at Paradigm

We service a variety of clients across several industries. We are introduced to client opportunities through a combination of direct relationships with private equity sponsors and corporate clients, as well as referrals from Big Four and other professional services firms with whom we’ve enjoyed long-standing relationships. There is no shortage of opportunity for growth and development at Paradigm. Learn more about the services we offer to see if you might find your future here.

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Benefits and Perks

Growth Opportunity

Employees work closely with senior leadership and are given critical responsibilities on projects early in their career with us. We provide freedom to learn and grow, with an expectation that employees who are drawn to work here are driven by challenge and inspired by pushing themselves to be their best.  We strive to foster an environment that removes the politics and rewards performance, collaboration, and achievement of objectives regardless of your role in our organization.

Ability to make measurable impact

With approximately forty professionals and expanding services line capabilities and geographic footprint, Paradigm offers an environment that allows top performers the ability to become leaders within different areas of our organization.  There is still plenty of opportunity greenspace for leadership roles providing people a faster path to upward mobility than they may find at larger firms.  Additionally, we can offer our most senior employees a path to partnership based on clear, measurable objectives.


Paradigm’s philosophy around compensation is built upon clear transparency and a pay-for-performance orientation.  We strive to offer compensation plans enabling employees to earn compensation levels in excess of our peers, whether your strengths are execution, senior-level oversight and engagement management, or business development.


We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan options coupled with a generous subsidy to provide our employees and their families a variety of options to meet their specific needs.  In addition, we offer FSA and HSA accounts, life insurance, and disability insurance.  We are also introducing a new 401(k) plan offering generous employer contribution matching and immediate plan participation upon hiring.